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5 Reasons to Invest in Smart Home Technology For Your Vacation Rental

IMPROVE SAFETY AND SECURITY FOR GUESTS: With smart home technology, one of the most important features is safety. Research has demonstrated that almost 3 to 4 respondents stated that their principal reason for investing in smart home was safety and security.

STREAMLINE GUEST TRAFFIC: Smart home technology plays its role as an assistant of on-site rental. When guests decide to check-out early or check-in later, you can easily depend on the smart home technology to assist in picking up the slack. The access codes can be altered from anywhere immediately, providing you some tools that aid in making sure that the visitors can have access to your unit even if they lose the code.

MAKE YOUR GUESTS FEEL AT HOME: In most cases, the visitors look for the convenience, comfort, and facilities that they have at home for vacation rentals. As this technology is becoming renowned all over the country, guests are coming to expect this technology in vacation rentals. Almost 60 percent renters state that they prefer rentals that have these features over ones that dont.

REDUCE YOUR COST: As an owner of the property, the more profit you can make by saving more money without compromising on the quality of service levels. Presently, approximately half of the energy bill of a home is due to cooling or heating. Smart thermostats can decrease energy bills by at least 10-15 percent with a smart thermostat and control settings from virtually anywhere. You can also set schedules, vacation preferences, and motion detections for occupancy.

ADD VALUE WITH SMART TECHNOLOGY AMENITIES: When you see all the developments of smart home technology, you will also see the amenity lists. These investments can save your time, money and they are most convenient for you as a manager, but they can also make the unit appealing to the visitors.


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