FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Which cities does AirMGR operate in?

We are currently providing our services in the following cities: Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Chicago.

What do I need to get started?

We can help you get your property ready to start accepting reservations within 2-5 days. Your home should be furnished and stocked with household essentials that you'd expect to find in a hotel room. During our onboarding process, we can provide you with a checklist of all items that you should have ready to start hosting. Some additional things to consider before listing your home: - Supplemental Short term rental insurance - Regulary scheduled bi-weekly landscape/pool service - Install Smart door lock with code for easy guest access

How much does your service cost?

Our simple, transparent pricing model only allows us to get paid when you get paid. Our service fee is calculated only from when you receive confirmed bookings. Unlike other similar services, we also do not have contracted comittment terms since our service speaks for itself, 100% guaranteed. Management fees start at 18% of booked earnings depending on the size and location of home. Our flat rate cleaning fees vary by the amount of rooms and the size of the home. Please contact us for more information.

Who pays for supplies?

Our full-service cleaning fee (paid for by guest) includes stocking supplies and consumables for your property. We do ask that clients supply the first initial goods at the property prior to listing.

How do you coordinate turnover/cleaning?

We have a staff of excellent cleaners who are experienced hospitality industry professionals. Each guest/reservation is charged a cleaning fee as part of their stay. Our cleaning team will set a pre-determined price based on the size/time a standard cleaning should take for your home including outdoor areas, laundry, appliance wipe-down, organization and staging. We then pay to the cleaners this amount. In instances in which our cleaners must charge more (excessive dirtiness, abnormal cleaning, etc.) we will work with the guests to recoup those extra costs or reach into the security deposit when applicable

What does your services include?

Our standard all-inclusive management service encompasses everything you need to start making money from Airbnb. We handle photography, listing the home, pricing, inquiries, bookings, marketing, guest check in, check out, housekeeping, and coordinating maintenance tasks. Our cleaning service includes hotel quality cleaning and supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, linens, towels, and more. We are always available 24/7 to both owners and guests, and always have staff on call to visit the home if needed. Our goal is to provide the best hospitality and services to guests, which in result will lead to the best reviews and placement on the site.

How are you different from competitors?

We pride ourselves in being experts in short-term Airbnb rentals. We are the only management service that has maintained a 95% guest approval rating, with all properties averaging 4.8 out of 5 star ratings. We know what special touches make the best guest experiences. Our responsiveness, speed, and quality of service we provide to both guests and owners alike is unparreled in this industry, with most responses answered in under 5-10 minutes. This converts into more bookings, more earnings, and overall more trust that you know your property is in good hands.

Do you list properties on other sites like VRBO/Homeaway?

We've found that Airbnb is beyond the best hosting platform for a multitude of reasons, which is why we exclusively list on this platform alone. Airbnb's quality of guests, customer support, and overall host guarantee is far superior than that of VRBO. Fraud, scams, and other illegal activites have become more prevalent on VRBO which poses a far greater risk to our clients. It's also best to focus on one platform when building up your review base from guests, instead of having reviews and guest stays across multiple platforms.

How do I get paid?

This depends on how your property is listed. Typcially we list our clients properties under our AirMGR Airbnb account. This will be the easiest and most convienient way to manage your property. Airbnb will payout funds on the second day of a given reservation, and will be deposited via direct deposit or paypal based on your choosing. Our agreed upon service fee, and any cleaning fees are paid directly to AirMGR for our services rendered.

Can you block out the calendar for when I want to use my home?

Of course! It is your home after all... Please make sure to schedule these stays in advance so that we can block out the calendar to potential guests. The property will need to be cleaned after your stay to get it ready again for guests, so we can coordinate the cleaning and payment from you once you check out.

Can I cancel a upcoming guest reservation?

Short answer is no, unless you have extenuating circumstances that warrant a cancellation. Airbnb takes this very seriously and will penalize your account and listing for any guest cancellations. This is also a poor experience for guests that rely on your home for their trip. This will also lower your listings on their search engines, making it harder to receive bookings and higher nightly rates. So just don't do it!

How is tax collected?

Most cities collect tax directly from Airbnb in the form of occupancy taxes. It's best to consult your local city and tax professionals.

How does AirMGR protect my home?

We screen guests to make sure they meet community standards. Each Airbnb user is verified prior to any stay and is often rated by previous hosts. Airbnb also offers a host protection guarantee, but we also suggest looking into a short term rental policy for supplemental insurance. Any damage is reported by our on site managers, and will be deducted from any applicable guest security deposits. We document and inventory condition of your property in case they are needed for claims.

I have more questions!

Please contact us via the form on the "Get Started" page, or by simply emailing us at hello@airmgr.com. You can even give us a call anytime at 602-935-1354. We'd love to hear from you and discuss any additional questions you may have!

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