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10 Best Places to Own a Vacation Rental

If you want to invest in properties, then buying a vacation rental is the best thing you can do especially with the advent of services like Airbnb and VRBO. The reason is simple, a lot of people are looking for vacation homes for a few days or weeks, and this can bring in quite a lot of passive income into your wallet. With that in mind, you do need to make the right investment. Here are some of the best places where you can own a vacation rental right now.

1. Scottsdale is widely known for the fact that it has great mid-century modern architecture, championship golf courses, award winning spas, and a trending foodie scene. You can get a vacation rental here, list it on Airbnb and start making money in no time.

2. San Diego is an amazing place to visit for tourists all over the world looking to experiencer the SoCal lifestyle. Get a vacation rental here, and opt for the best Airbnb management services and you will have no problem making good money since there’s no shortage of tourists in this mild climate city!

3. Chicago hosts millions of tourists every year. From the local music to museums, activities and landmarks, Chicago immediately stands out as a great place to check out, so if you want to get a vacation rental this might very well be the place to do it.

4. Panama City Beach is very close to the ocean, and that means you can get a vacation rental and rent it on Airbnb for good money.

5. Napa stands out as a great vacation rental location because there are beautiful hills, picturesque estates and numerous wine tours. Purchase the right property and you can make thousands every month. You just need to pick the right location.

6. Gatlinburg in Tennessee is a profitable place for vacation rental investors because there are dozens of landmarks and numerous festivals. Plus, the prices are affordable when it comes to rentals, so there’s no shortage of clients.

7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts has the right combination of historic homes and beach cottages. Combine that with numerous beach activities and museums, then you will see why this is a great place for vacation rentals.

8. Kissimmee has the perfect location because it’s close to Universal Studios, Legoland, Disney World, and many landmarks. As a result, it’s a no-brainer if you want a great vacation rental investment.

9. Savannah, Georgia stands out as a great property investment location because it’s a coastal city where art and history meet unlike never before.

10. Killington in Vermont is one of the latest vacation rental paradises and that’s because it has the perfect location right near the mountains. People are willing to pay top dollar just to get there, so it makes a lot of sense to check this place out!

As you can see, there are many vacation rental options that you can acquire, customize and list on Airbnb. It’s a good idea to work with a property management business to acquire and handle any tenants, but if you do this right and use the best Airbnb management services you can make a lot of money!


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