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Spring Cleaning Checklist To Make Your Vacation Rental Shine

If you want to make your vacation rental more appealing to Airbnb customers, it’s a very good idea to clean it up as often as possible. With these great tips and tricks, you will have no problem cleaning your vacation rental and you will make it a lot more appealing than ever before.

Steam clean the carpets

A lot of people will immediately notice if the carpets and floor are clean or not. One of the main things you want to focus on is to clean the floors and either steam clean or shampoo the carpets. It might not seem like much, but the first impression matters and it will make an impact on your Airbnb review.

Perform routine bathroom cleaning tasks

The bathroom needs to be clean all the time, because you want to inspire a sense of cleanliness, value and quality. Tasks like mirror wiping, shower cleaning, toilet scrubbing and replenishing supplies might seem menial, but they are mandatory and it’s important to perform them very often.

Move the major appliances and clean behind them

There can be oil drops, grime accumulation and a whole lot of other stuff behind your appliances. This is why it makes a lot of sense to try and move them quickly so you can clean everything up. If you want to have a clean vacation rental, then it’s important to think about using Airbnb management services as well.

Clean the kitchen drawers and cabinets

What you have to do here is to remove everything from the drawers and cabinets, set those items aside and then clean up everything. Dust, dirt and grime can accumulate in your drawers as time goes by, so spring cleaning is the perfect time to eliminate any problems like that.

Clear up the vents

Some HVAC maintenance doesn’t hurt, and it’s something that every property management company needs to do. The reality is that changing filters and cleaning vents will keep the air quality high and people will be very impressed with your attention to detail.

Complete house cleaning

Now that you took care of all the larger tasks, it’s important to inspect your home and see if there are any other things you have to clean. Make sure that you double-check everything to ensure there are no problems. Proper house cleaning will impress customers and your vacation rental will shine and look amazing as well.

If these tasks are hard to perform on your own, hiring a property management business is a very good idea. This way you get to eliminate all the potential problems that can appear and you can finally focus on keeping the house clean. Plus, you save time and money, something that will help you immensely and with resounding benefits. Whether you do these tasks yourself or hire an Airbnb management company like AirMGR to do it, you should consider completing them as fast as possible. Cleaning up your home and performing comprehensive maintenance is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your vacation rental. And as you can imagine, this will bring in more customers and higher ratings than ever before!


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