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Airbnb Design: 10 Tips On How To Stand Out From The Crowd

1. Show people how to live in your home

It's often hard for people to settle into a new and unfamiliar home without feeling like they are away from home, so spell it out for them. Open a cookbook on the counter or put a carafe of water and one of your favorite novels by the bed.

2. Show personality, not personal items

If a space is filled with personal items like pictures of your family and your dog, it's more likely to make the guest feel uncomfortable. Replace them with local art and photos to add a sense of place.

3. Take some cues from hotels

Hotels know the ins and outs of hospitality, so take some ideas and elevate them for your property. From the clean and crisp layout of the bathroom toiletries, folded toilet paper, and fluffy towels, to how a bed is made up for a guest. The first impression of the aesthetics go a long way in a guests perception of cleanliness and comfort in a home.

4. Add a large mirror

Don't forget the mirrors! One common mistake is not having full length mirrors for guests in at least one of the rooms or bathrooms. Not only this but big mirrors make a room appear more spacious and they look great in ANY room! Placing a mirror next to a window brings in more light, and acts as an added window when placed opposite an existing one.

5. Toss in at least one quirky item

Airbnb guests search through a lot of homes, so making yours unique is key. If a fun little figurine in the photos of your home or something makes your place stand out, all the better!

6. Make room for a bedroom sitting area

It seems counterintuitive to pack in more furniture, but if you have the space put an upholstered bench or two, a chair and a side table in a corner. If you’re offering a studio, this step is necessary. It makes the room look and feel more spacious!

7. Add some green!

It's amazing what a few plants or succulents can do to enhance a room. Not only does it make a space look 10x better, but it cleans and freshens the air.

8. Dim the lights

Ambient lighting sets the stage. To give potential guests a real feel of your home, you’ll want to post pictures of your home during the day and night. If your home gets a lot of natural light, open the blinds and take pictures of each room lit up. Dim the lights for evening pictures to give your home a softer look.

9. Don't forget the outside

The appearance and curb appeal of your home will also go a long way with guests. Having a manicured and landscaped front and back yard will make your home look amazing. It's best to have ongoing scheduled service on a monthly basis to make sure the property is kept in tip top shape.

10. Add something "Insta" worthy

Adding something guests can interact with and take pictures with will not only make your property pretty cool, but it will also boost social proof of your space and help people discover the listing.


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